[RM129 for 2] Shaishaishai Caffeine Shot Collagen Eye Cream -30g

Shaishaishai 咖啡因眼霜

再添加强力的抗氧化成分,去除活性氧 消除水肿


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Shaishaishai Caffeine Shot Collagen eye cream is a caffeine derived from 100% natural coffee that helps smooth circulation around the eyes.

  • Caffeine is absorbed into the eye area an helps the circulation of waste accumulated around the eyes and manages swelling around the eyes. It takes care of the dullness of the eyes and helps to complete smooth eyes without swelling. It also helps protect the skin from free radicals generated by ultraviolet rays.
  • ‘Niacinamide’ brightens the eye area : Helps brighten dark pigmentation around the eyes with whitening functional ingredients. Niacinamide brightens the eye area by inhibiting the movement of melanin pigment around the eyes produced by ultraviolet rays and reducing the amount deposited on the epidermis.
  • ‘3 types of lifting ingredients’ for skin elasticity around the eyes : Firmly cares for wrinkles around the eyes with Collagen, Peptide, Adenosine of highly functional ingredients that fill up elasticity. Wrinkle improvement and elasticity care that maintains moisture in the skin, replenishes protein lost due to aging, improves fine wrinkles and elasticity, and strengthens the self-renewal of skin cells to create healthy eyes.
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